CMG History

The origins of CMG date back to 1970 when a number of Cotswold farmers formed a grain marketing group in Gloucestershire which was administered by the West Midland Farmers Association. A small sub-group was founded in South Wales.

In 1992, CMG separated from WMF and became the separate legal entity 'Crop Marketing (Groups) Ltd' comprising Gloucester, South Wales and the newly formed Southern CMG - which covered Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset. WMF Ltd were appointed the marketing agents. As all farmer members became equal shareholders in the new business saw the formation of Unicorn CMG covering Berkshire, Hampshire and in 1997, Central CMG in the Warwickshire, Worcestershire area.

In 1999, CMG developed into the lower East Midlands through Ouse Valley CMG taking our brand of co-operation into Bucks, Oxon, Northants and Beds.

In 2000 Grainfarmers plc were appointed the CMG marketing agent following its acquisition of the former WMF / Countrywide grain business.

In 2007 Grainfarmers plc merged with Centaur to form Openfield which became the UK market leader in ex-farm grain procurement, the first time that a farmer-controlled business has achieved that position. Openfield has the largest collection of committed grain, pulses, and oilseeds in the UK and is the marketing agent for several co-operatives.

Openfield is the largest supplier to most UK flour millers, maltsters, and feed compounders. It has world-wide access through its partnership with Louis Dreyfus to all export markets.

CMG Ltd benefits greatly from its relationship with Openfield and the market coverage it provides.

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